Watch Funny Vines on Youtube to Relax

There are always so many people with creative thoughts and ideas work behind great funny videos. Sometimes, they can pull legs of the top notch actor and actress and on the other hand some great politicians. Definitely, the politicians’ especially corrupted one is always there on their head and they do not miss a single chance to express about themselves.The beautiful part with these funny videos is that it makes you laugh and relax.

One man surely knows how to make fun of politicians and other stars. Actually it seems like he does it so good that he become a star himself. This man is famous Amit Bhadana. Once a simple Facebook user who shared his vines and now a huge Internet sensation in India. He is now all over the web and on social media. He brakes all the records when it comes to number of followers or subscribers. You can read the real life story about this famous youtuber from here.

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