Tips to choose Resorts and Spas in Dubai

Until a few years back getting a spa treatment was considered as the thing that only the rich and affluent could afford. If you are visiting Dubai you may find plenty of luxurious as well as affordable wellness and massage centers around the city to suit your budget. All the top class, 5 star hotelsĀ  and resorts around the city have a spa inside and they offer a wide variety of treatment services including massage, foot therapy, acupuncture treatment and aroma therapy. Just as the hotels here are opulent, the massage centers too spell class and royalty. These resort centers offer a comprehensive service; some of these centers also have hairdressers in Dubai. While there are plenty of options for you to choose, considering the following tips will help you choose the best Dubai resorts and spas :

While looking for a spa to get a beauty treatment done it is important that you consider the ambiance. The general environment inside the spa should be welcoming and the mood should be calm and relaxing. Majority of the spas in Dubai based in the lavish hotels would have awe inspiring aura that would make you feel extremely good the moment you step inside the door. One of the distinguished features of the spas here is that they are extremely clean and tidy and the smell wonderful. Additionally, there is no noise or distraction of the outside world and the centers are equipped with top class amenities.

Services offered:
There are different kinds of spa centers that offer different services. If you are looking for a treatment center that offers certain special service such as foot massage, sauna bath, stone massage or aroma therapy, make sure that you first check if the spa offers the service before booking your appointment. Jot down the list of services you are looking for and search for spas in Dubai accordingly.

Look for a massage center that is nice and spacious and is equipped with top class equipments. The spa you choose should have good massage table for you to lay comfortable and enjoy the pampering session. It is also important that you ask the executive in advance about the type of stone they use for stone massage. Usually, the massage centers use Basalt stone for both hot and cold stone therapy because theses stones soak up heat well and conduct it through the body easily. Some massage centers use marbles for cold therapy as it has better capacity to transmit cold through the body. If the spa offers hair styling services as well, make sure that they have the best professional hairdressers in Dubai.

This is probably the most important factor to consider while booking an appointment at the massage center. Make sure the massage therapists at the center are professionally qualified and certified therapists. The therapists must be highly trained and experienced in the treatment they are offering you. Most massage centers in Dubai carefully appoint their executives after thoroughly assessing their credibility in the field. Thus, no matter if you walk down in to cheap or expensive spas in Dubai, you can be sure that you would get top class service.

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