How to Take Care of a Betta Fish

Because of their unique and special ways of social interaction, it’s essential learn how to take care of a Betta fish. Even though the Betta fish is stunning in look, it lacks social abilities required for residing with other types of aquatic life. With out the proper training, numerous tropical fish owners have bought a stunning male Betta and added it with other fish within their tank only to experience unexpected and devastating outcomes.

If fed a proper diet plan and kept in suitably maintained water, they can reside in captivity for roughly two to 5 years. Over the last decades, breeders have developed nearly a dozen different scale and finnage variations of Betta fish. Learning all about Bettas prior to buying them will save you the frustration of finding them floating upside down within the tank because of you not understanding how to correctly care for them.

Bettas, also referred to as Siamese fighting fish, are highly aggressive in nature. The males are extremely territorial and also have a all-natural “tear and bite” reaction when meeting other fish within the wild and an “attack or kill” mentality with fish they interact with in captivity. Due to this, they require to reside in solitude without any other fish. Female Bettas, however, are docile sufficient to become kept in colleges of three to eight fish, as long as their atmosphere is really a large tank that provides numerous places for the less aggressive females to hide.

The proper methods to take care of Betta fish are to feed them correctly and maintain a water environment best-suited to their species. Becoming carnivorous, they require to consume fresh or frozen mosquito larva, brine shrimp and bloodworms. In addition, the pet store sells commercial Betta pellets produced from wheat flour, fishmeal, mashed shrimp meal and vitamins, which is a good supplement for their diet.

In cold water, these Siamese fighting fish turn out to be lethargic, struggle to thrive and find it tough to maintain great well being. The ideal temperature variety for their water should be between 77 and 83 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures above which will create algae, so it’s greatest not to have the tank anyplace close to direct sunlight.

The Siamese fighting fish lives a different kind of way of life than all other freshwater aquarium lifestyle. However, when you comprehend how you can look after Betta fish through proper nutrition along with a clean water atmosphere and they’re placed within the right social setting, they are able to make an pleasant pet.

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