How modern technology continues to advance

How modern technology continues to advance

Every new wave of technological advancement makes it difficult to remember what life had been like before. Now we have what appears to be the world within our reach, literally. We can listen to our entire collection of music, download new music anywhere, listen music online, watch TV, search about anyone on the internet, everything on a device that is mobile phone, video camera, among many other.

Have you ever wondered how this is possible? The continuous progress is largely down to the scientists and inventors who are eager to continually improve things. A long time ago, Paul Eisler fabricated the first printed circuit board PCB. These are the internal electronic mechanisms that allow the devices to be smaller and offer more and more functionality. Without them, we could not see the development of the first electronic devices all those years ago. Since then, inventors have developed and developed more and more ways to improve the technology we take for granted every day.

Today there are these types of PCBs

Single face plate

This is the least complex of Printed Circuit Boards, since there is only a single substrate layer. All electrical parts and components are secured on one side and the copper traces are on the other side.

How modern technology continues to advance

Double Face Plate

This is the most common type of plate, where parts and components are attached to both sides of the substrate. In such cases, double-sided PCBs that have connection features on both sides are used. Two-sided Printed Circuit Boards usually use construction through holes to mount components.

Multi Layered Board

The multilayer PCB consists of several substrate layers separated by insulation.  The most common multilayer boards are: four layers, six layers, eight layers and ten layers. However, the total number of layers that can be fabricated can exceed 42 layers. These types of boards are used in extremely complex electronic circuits.

So the next time you pick up the handset, listen to some songs, or anything that is included in the electronic devices, even if you’re washing, consider the fact that all this would not be possible without very smart people offering PCB assembly services.


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