Codes Shown on Auto Scan Tools

The development in science and technology makes auto repairs more and more dependent on automotive diagnostic tool As modern cars’ computer systems are quite sensitive and the check engine light comes on easily, car drivers are necessary to get some own tools.

Instead of taking your car to the local mechanics every time the check engine light pops on, it’s much better for you to have your own scan tool at hand to reset the light or do some quick automotive diagnosis by yourself, which is a good method to save your time and money.

In many cases, the check engine light system is too sensitive. The light may come out for no reason. In this case, if you take your car to a repair shop, they connect your car with a scanner. Actually no problems have been found, but you still need to pay a lot for the scanning charge. On the contrary, you have some scan tools. You’re able to check the codes yourself and such easy problems will be solved in a short time. That’s quite money-saving.

If you are willing to be a DIY repair, the first step is to get some high quality and multi-function auto scan tools. Then you should get some knowledge so that you can understand the code displayed on the scan tools. As cars are equipped with OBD2 System, you’d better begin with OBD2 trouble codes.

All DTC’S are shown as 5 character alphanumeric codes and each character has a specific meaning.

Usually the first character indicates the area of the fault. P stands for power train computer and B for the body computer. The second character is a number that indicates whether the trouble code that follows is an OBD 2 generic code or a manufacturer specific code that is also known as an enhanced diagnostic trouble code. The third character indicates the subsystem of the area that goes wrong and the fourth and fifth characters will tell the exact problems. For example here is the¬†P0190 code which can be several things actually. Engine won’t start, limp mode,¬†Check Engine Light is on e.t.c.

Owing some auto scan tools save the money spent in repair shops and you can solve some problems in a much easier way. Find high quality fitting for automobiles that are designed for auto diagnosis on The price is quite favorable.


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